“We can live without religion and meditation; but we cannot survive without human affection” Dalai Lama
The emotional connections with plants 010Flowers and green plants cannot  blossom without sunlight.

A human being cannot live a healthy and loving life without others affection.

Blackberry picture 067

Animals will not feel happy if is not receive love from owners.Atlantic city at 60 yrs b-day 050

“Self interest is the enemy of all true affection” Franklin D. Roosevelt

Are you an affectionate person?

We receive what we give.

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Hello, I'm Elba. Welcome to my blog Positive Thought - Positive Word For Life. I create this blog with the attempt to convey a positive message, motivate and inspires others along the way. To live in a positive state of mind is not easy. The most we can do is to make the effort to remain positive even when negative things happens in our life. It is my belief, that if we concentrate our energy into positive forces; will attract strong positive experiences to our life. As I write my post it help me to express my feelings and emotions and to remain positive through my life. I hope it will help you to live a positive life too. Thank you for stop by.

2 responses to “Daily Insight: HUMAN AFFECTION”

  1. Douglas Alp says :

    Sweet Elba! Thanks for your continued
    amazing positive life <3

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