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New York City Photo Essay

I am a New Yorker.  Every time that I have the opportunity and while around the city of New York, I enjoy taking pictures.

This time I am sharing some photos taking while ago. If you have never visit New York city  you will enjoy seeing this pictures.

I encourage everyone to visit New York City at least once. This city has a lot to offer, beautiful parks especially Central Park. A  lot of interesting museum to visit. A variety of uniques neighborhood full of different people and cultures. A Chinatown neighborhood you will feel that you are in real China country.  A Times Square and Broadway shows venue of all varieties plays and show to die for.

Welcome to the New York City.

Long Island City (Astoria)
Flushing Meadow ParkDSC03594

Time Square New York City.

Central Park New York City

Discover Central Park 041Discover Central Park 011

New York City Downtown neighborhood

Sun bathing at Central Park
Discover Central Park 027

Lake at Central ParkDiscover Central Park 037

Strawberry Field at Central Park

Discover Central Park 047

Flushing Meadow Park cropped-dsc03625.jpg

New York City Public Library


New York City Midtown neighborhoodDSC03717

The water Taxi cab 019

The Liberty


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Flushing Meadow Park Where the Fun Begin. (Photo Essay)


Join me in the ride at Flushing Meadow Corona Park in Queens, New York City.

A park full of culture, a great place to visit and enjoy a lot of fun.  In this park was held The New York World’s Fair from 1964 thru 1965.

People enjoy a variety sports like soccer, tennis, bike riding, softball, museum visits, boats  rides at the lake and much more.

Is a great park to visit.








DSC03621DSC03615DSC03596DSC03589DSC03587My hubby and I have a wonderful day sightseeing at Flushing Meadow Park.


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Sayin’ Goodbye to Ski Season @ Hunter Mountain, NY and Ski Butternut, MA (Photo Essay)

Hello everyone.

This time I went to a ski resort Hunter Mountain. I am not a skier but I enjoy going with my husband and friends.

It was the end of ski season and my husband want to say goodbye to his favorite sports till the next winter. I admire the courage of this skier going up the mountain and come down in a flight of a second that take my breath away.

Honestly you have to love this sports, be strong and love to be in a cold environment.


DSC03447DSC03434DSC03494DSC03501DSC03487 DSC03515 DSC03514 DSC03513 DSC03512 DSC03511 DSC03510 DSC03509 DSC03508 DSC03507 DSC03506 DSC03505 DSC03504 DSC03503 DSC03428DSC03477DSC03468DSC03455DSC03428DSC03437

Unquestionably was a great ski season for my dear husband, John, and the ski fever bugging him again.  I am very happy that he went back to his favorites sport.  It was a difficult decision for him to make.  After so many years of being not practicing the sport due to his knee surgery. He realized that he can do it again and can’t wait for the next season to come.

After all he proved to himself that is always a second chance in life. In other word he is so grateful that  he went back  and bring his ski passion back.

I encouraged him to keep going and never give up on what brings happiness and joy in his life.  Determination is his decision to follow.

As Robin Sharma quote “Great performers are preparing and practicing for a winning day while everyone else is still asleep.”


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To venturing the unknown is not easy for many people.  How many times we avoid and try new things, thinking that could bring us a level of discomfort?

According with Jerry Seinfeld quote that replied as follows “According to most studies, people’s number one fear is PUBLIC SPEAKING. Number two is death. Does that sound right? This means to the average person, if you go to  funeral,  you ‘re better off in the casket that doing the eulogy” Jerry Seinfeld

And why is that  public speaking is number one fear of all? But do you know that even if you are speaking with just one person along, you are practicing public speaking!

The fact is that many people fear and get panic when it come to speak in front of a big audience.  For instance I don’t consider myself a Professional Public Speaker, because is not my professional job. I just like to be confidence and ground myself in front of people while I’m speaking to them. It don’t matter if is one or more person.

The fear of speaking that I have  back on the days preventing me for doing things I love to do and go places I  want it to go. The fear of being rejected hold me back. It was a terrible feeling.

It was  while I was working at my former aesthetical job that I learned about Toastmaster Organization, an International Public Speaking Organization.  One of the customers suggested me to take a course in public speaking.  I listen to her and follow her advise. Not to mention at the moment I felt awkward when she suggested the idea.  Now, I AM grateful and thankful for that advise.  But then she explain why she suggested it.

Here what she replies:

“Since  in other occasion we have discuss about you having fears to speak and further more you have mention that people so asked you -Where  do your accent come from?  Only for that reason I have suggested the idea”. I understood.

Again she thought it would be a great idea for me to take a public speaking course.  Immediately I went home and did my research. While searching on the internet I came across with a  Toastmaster club near by me. I contact them and made the first visit to the club. From that point I joined the club. Great move!

I’m glad I did, it has been one of my best decision to made in my life.  If I would it known before I would it  join long time ago, but it was never too late for my rewards.  The fear that I was going through affected my confidence and stop me from doing things that deep within myself I knew I could do. Never again. Since that day I choose the positive side of fear which is courage. I learnt to live a life in courage but not in fear.

To my surprise:

At that first Toastmaster meeting experience, I discovered that, I was not the only one  living with fear. I proved myself wrong. That along make me feel good about it.  People from all kind of background, professional, business people, homemakers, and others. The fact that a lot of people were riding in the same boat as me, make me feel home at the first meeting. What a great experience!

Since I joined, I have earned a Competent Leader Award and Competent Communicator Certification.

Nothing more but to  gained confidence through  my experience. Priceless.  Not to mention the valuable leadership skills, vocal qualities, enhance a message and how to pay attention while I AM speaking.  I have learned.

As a result I Am Grateful.

In conclusion, the best way to master your fears, is facing the fear itself. Eventually you will notice a change and realized that those fears were created in your mind. Only then you will understand that behind our fears is always an opportunity to learn.  What a wonderful feeling!

Is never too late to conquer your fears and realized that behind those fears is your treasure.

All is Mind. Mind is All.


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IMMORTAL MEMORY “when been strong is the only choice you have”

If I could have you back for just a second of my life.  It is not until you lose it that you know how much you appreciated.  Why it is that way? Those special moments,  conversations, all the advice  she gave me are memories that always will live in my heart until the time will meet again.

My precious mother.

I remember was February 10 2007, dinner time, I heard  a voice within myself.  I jumped and said to my husband, is my mother calling me, I heard her voice.  At the moment he thought that I was having a breakdown or worrying too much about my mother health, lately she was not feeling good.

It was a  stronger force commanding me,  you have to go to see your mother. Immediately I called the airport and reserved air line tickets to leave to Puerto Rico and be with her.  And yes it was so far away that I couldn’t way the time to leave.

My husband and I arrived  at the International Airport in San Juan, Puerto Rico on February 12, 2007, about 11:00 am.  I went straight to the hospital where my mother was hospitalized, but they already has released her to go home.  I felt desperate, can’t wait to see and hug my mother.

When I finally got to see her, tears runs out of her eyes, and then she look up to the sky,  giving thanks to GOD, for letting her to see her daughter one more time, something in my heart knew that she was not doing good.

I spend the rest of the day with her, she can’t hardly talked, just smile to me, as she always did.  Only one day I could take care of her before she went to heaven.

It was February 14, 2007, Saint Valentine Day, at 3:00 p.m. and  I was holding her on my arms, she was smiling, but my instinct was telling me that she was saying good-bye.  Her hands skin started losing the color and turning pale, that was the sign of my mother last breath.  Till these days I felt a deep pain in my soul, that I couldn’t save her life.  At that moment on life, near my mother-death experience, I caught my breath, my eyes blinking tears, and all I need to be was strong in difficult times as she has taught me.

My mother lived a humbled life, she always live to help others, never keep anything for her, she was caring, always sharing whatever she had. She was a humanitarian person, not selfish at all, and that is what she always remind her kids to be.  Very intelligent woman for her time and generation she has lived.

I felt the pain, that I didn’t shared more time with her.  We live separated lives for so many years, but we were the best of friend, we talked every Wednesday. I still remember, when the telephone ring in the morning, I knew it was her. I missed her and it will never be another love like she gave me, unconditional, no regrets, no demanding, just a sincere pure love.

It was a Divine Plan, she was waiting for me, I was alone with her, only the two of us in her humbled home.  My older sister has step out at the moment, and then, that was my mother and me last conversation, last hug, last smile until we will meet again.

Perhaps, I should let my mother death experience, be my teacher.  I could learn from it, I just need to be willing to listen to my inner voice, the voice of my Angel, telling me don’t cry it just going to be until we meet again.

She taught me to be strong, humbled, to appreciate and be grateful for everyday of my life, to enjoy everything I will have through my life, but more than else, she always had said to me “do not do unto others what you don’t like others do unto you”.  Those are the precious values that provides and gave me direction on how to live every day-to-day my life.

It was not easy to emerge from an emotional depression.  The fact that she is no longer with  us (my family) it will always cause me pain, but she will be forever in my thought,  in my heart til’ we meet again.

Love is #1 of the most important emotion that brings people together.  If you can only love enough…If you can only love enough…

My beloved parents  at their wedding day.   My mother died at the age of 90 years old.  My father died at the age of 82.


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Oh….If I love New York City, it’s not love is “PASSION”.

Even though that I live in this city,  I love to go around like a tourist, feeling like enjoying a vacation in my backyard.

Come with me, get in, and let sightseeing…

WELCOME TO NEW YORK…… “The World Capital”.

There is no better way to enjoy sightseeing New York City like riding on The Water Taxi Cab.

    The Statue of Liberty:  ENLIGHTENING THE WORLD

The Statue of Liberty designed by Frederic Bartholdi and dedicated on October 28, 1886.  Is at Liberty Island in New York Harbor.

“From Wikipedia” The Free Encyclopedia”

The New York Water Taxi it is a beautiful ride for a relaxing sunny day to view the surrounding around the city.

The lower Manhattan view, area of South Ferry.  We called it The DOWNTOWN AREA. I love New York City building architecture.

The Brooklyn Bridge… A legend.

From the side of Brooklyn at Brooklyn Bridge Park is one of the most beautiful view of Lower Manhattan.

Surrounding area of Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Surrounding area of Red Hook, Brooklyn.  From this area you can enjoy a great view of The Statue of Liberty and Jersey City.

Surrounding area under Brooklyn Bridge Park, of Brooklyn side.

I hope you enjoy this little ride.



CENTRAL PARK ‘New York City lovin’

In this entry I want to share some views of my favorite park in New York City, the beauty and magic of CENTRAL PARK.CENTRAL PARK is enjoyable every season of the year, but summer time is the hottest season at CENTRAL PARK.

Visitors from everywhere in the world come to New York City and look forward to landing at CENTRAL PARK, they feel the energy, the stunning beauty and contagious magic.CENTRAL PARK is full of outdoors activities, bicyclist  rider, outdoors concerts, roller skate dancers, sunbathing green areas, joggers, walkers, runners, museum, The Children Zoo, the most popular carriages rides, varieties of artist entertaining visitors, just to mention few of them.I’m wordless when it comes to describe the beauty of this New York City jewel.  It’s up to you to figure out what place to get away on your next vacation, but if you are planning to visit New York, CENTRAL PARK it must be in your TO DO list.

Is feel like paradise, you’ll love it…The Lake, the Loeb Boathouse, the Bow Bridge is a very peaceful green area.The Sheep Meadow is one and most popular green area at the park for sun bathing, also enjoyable and peaceful.
People get tired of long walk, so they grab, the ped cab and continue their journey.Even to sit at the benches and enjoy company and conversation with a love one, is a precious moment that life has to offer at CENTRAL PARK.Not to mention the famous, colorful, carriages ride at the Columbus Circle and 59th street entrance of CENTRAL PARK WEST.I love outdoors activities and that offered is at CENTRAL PARK.

If you has visited, you have the experienced, if not, I encourage you whenever  around or visiting New York City, to experience the magic, stunning beauty, and contagious energy of CENTRAL PARK.

I hope you enjoy this precious view of one of the most outdoors beautiful point in New York City and thank you to take a moment to read and  view my blog.