A VIEW POINT “just sayin’

Since the time we born, we go through changes every day in our life.  Our physical body is in constantly change, as we grow older.  Our mind change as we choose  different  religious, political, professional, spiritual, etc.. path through our lives.

Everyday we feel different from yesterday, because everyday is different from the other.   We choose  to change our career in response of dissatisfaction in that time or just to have another career experience.

Our friends comes and goes like voyager, only true friends stay around and we constantly are meeting new people.  And there along is another change in our lives.

The nature natural change we can’t control.  The weather pattern change every day.  You wake up in the morning in a sunny day, the next it will be cloudy and so on…

So we all know and understand that change is imminent.

But I tend to believe that some things in life should never change.   Those things are the ones that give to a better world.  Things that we do as we interact with one another in a daily base.   All  this things along will bring fulfillment, happiness, gratefulness to our lives.

There are the values that in my point of view should never change.

  •  GOOD ATTITUDE.. A warm morning greeting that show an enchanting smile convey a good attitude.
  • COURTESY…To offer a sit to an elderly, a pregnant woman, a child, or a disability person while commuting in public transportation shows courtesy.
  • GENTLENESS…To open and hold a door to another person to let them in is an act of gentleness.
  • APPRECIATION…To thank anyone that offer a public service; bus driver,  store clerk, family doctor, personal hairdresser,  waiter or waitress, let them feel appreciated.
  • AWAKENING SMILE…Smile is to welcome people into our world, convey warm message to others.
  • CONSIDERATION…To have consideration with one another don’t matter race, color or belief.
  • KINDNESS…Treat everyone nice even when those who are rude can hurt, so be kind to others.
  • CONTRIBUTION…To volunteer for a good cause if opportunity arrives show caring.
  • TO BE AWARE…of your surroundings perceiving what’s going on around you; not to ignore.

Those simple human values that seem not important, but, as they happens leave a trace in our heart.

The Law of Retribution, The Law of Prosperity says “AS WE GIVE, AS WE RECEIVE”.



About Positive Thought and Word For Life

Hi I'm Elba. Welcome to Positive Thought and Word For Life blog. I created with the attempt to convey a positive message, motivate and inspires others along the way. I belief, that if we focus our energy into positive forces; we will attract strong positive experiences to our life. Writing this blog is not a hobby, is an experience that help me to express myself. Expressing my feelings and emotions and share them with you. Thank you for stopping by; hoping you enjoy it.

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