Atlantic City Fun B-day photo essay…oh if I miss you.

Our Atlantic City fun day start here.  After couples of years haven’t go back to Atlantic City, we decided not to drive and take the bus, for a change, to enjoy my special birthday date in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Luckily we have an extraordinary beautiful, sunny and bright day.  A lot of fun, brought  memories back, a bit of gambling, an exciting day….I love the casino ambience excitement.

At the bus…

As we enter Atlantic City the wind mills welcome us full of energy and excited.

I am feeling the casino excitement already.  I love casinos lights.

Is all about fun.

Lady Who??

At Caesars Shops

The ocean was calm and peaceful.

The lucky money..

Elvis Presly

Michael Jackson


Hope you enjoy Atlantic City photo essay, as I enjoy my fun birthday date.  This precious moments are the ones that fill up my heart and my soul.

See u soon:-)



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