My Gut Instinct Is Trying To Tell Me Something

It was three o’clock in the morning and I was having a night bad sleeping experience, it was hardly for me to fall asleep and I need to wake up early in the morning, as my usual morning routine.

I felt that voice within myself, my instinct, was trying to tell me something and I couldn’t figure out what was the message.  I forced myself to go back into a deep sleep, closed my eyes, but, my mind keep me awake like expecting the unexpected to happen.

I felt hungry at the moment, jump out of bed, went to the refrigerator and have something to eat so I can go back to sleep.  Thinking that was the reason for my insomnia.

It was getting closed to 6 a.m., time to get up, to start my morning habitual meditation ritual and exercise program.  So I decided to stay out of bed even though I couldn’t sleep and I was feeling tired and sleepy.

While on meditation I felt the voice again within myself and felt anxiety, I want to scream loud and cry.  What is going on with me I thought? Why is it I couldn’t sleep and now feeling this anxiety…That is not normal with me…I was thinking.

I found very hard to concentrate on my meditation this morning after all,  so I decided to started making my breakfast and wait for my husband to wake up and talk to him about my gut instincts feelings.

To my luck it was no power electricity in the house and I couldn’t make the coffee so instead I took my morning shower and by the time I finished, the power came back…thing happens… that was my thought.

I started to make coffee again and my husband finally get up from bed and looking rested.  Already closed to 10 a.m, when my husband cell phone ring and he answered immediately as usual.  I look at him while talking in the phone and notice a sad facial expression, I asked him, what’s wrong?

He finished his phone conversation and immediately  reply to me “that call was from the nursing home”…

Then he sit at the dinning table to have breakfast but hardly can eat it…he need to find the way to tell me that his most loving cousin, Josephine, a woman who I deeply loved so much has passed away the night before. That was the nursing home calling to let him know.

I started to cry, nothing consoled me, but then I understood the reason for my insomnia and why I couldn’t sleep at all.

Josephine was trying to say good-bye to me…and I couldn’t understand the message, it was her saying good-bye, that’s all I kept saying to my husband, he couldn’t understand why I kept saying that.

So I explained to him my nightmare from the night before when Josephine died.  And I just keep repeating to myself she was saying good-bye…she was saying good-bye.

Rest in peace my dearly friend.

It was my gut instinct trying to telling me something……

Would you gut instinct trying to tell you something that you couldn’t understand?

Thanks for reading.


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