A Smile “an action of love”

“Every time you smile at someone; it is an action of love; a gift to that person; a beautiful thing” Mother Theresa

In this busy  technological world that we are living these days, people have forgotten how to smile.  Have you?

How many time you have a smile to a strange lately? Can you remember?  Maybe not, maybe you feel awkward to smile to a stranger or maybe is a fear of rejection.  With all the stress in our life, responsibilities, and other activities that we fill our day with it, we have forgotten to smile.

Last year New Year’s Eve night my husband and I choose to go to a comedy club and begin our New Year laughing hysterically.  We have the happier time of our life. We realized that is about time to start laughing more often. Even though I practice a smile most of the time , we need it to have a big deep belly laugh. Such a great time.  So we decide to go back in a regular basis to exercise our face muscles.


Also, Have you ever seen a Buda with a serious and angry face? Not me. I’m a great admirer of Buda philosophy.  For the Buda to smile means happiness. Is no sense to live a life and walk around with an angry face expression.  I rub my Buda belly everyday and that along remind me to keep on  smile.

Happiness 002

Okay, now let’s go back to my point here.

To stimulate and practice a smile in my daily basis I have chosen TEN TOP REASON TO SMILE  that keep me going and practicing what I have call “The Art Of  A Smile”and help improve our daily circumstances, make new friends, build up better business or personal relationships,  smile to a strange, and so on, and so on.

Here are the Top Ten Practical Reason to become better at what I have call “The Art Of A Smile”.  It work for me, all you have to do is  to TRY.

First:   A smile to express and show your love, to give affection and show that you care for your love ones.

Second:   A smile just for the fact that you are alive and breathing.

Third:  A smile help to meet new people, to make new friends and to develop new personal and business relationships.

Fourth: To service with a smile show that you care for your customers, is a great skill that endures a lasting business relationship with customers.

Fifth: A smile helps to soothe your moods.  Believe or not some people don’t know how to smile.  If you stand in front of a mirror every day and laugh for a short period of your time; then you will develop the skill of a smile. The mirror is my best friend, is the only one that tell me the truth. Try it is an excellent exercise.

Sixth:  A smile in daily basis will improve our over all health.  It will exercise our face muscle and strength them as well.

Seventh:  A smile to greet a new day, to connect and interact with one another also is  a great start that last till the end of the day.

Eight:  Make a First Impression an  unforgettable one with a smile.  You will become the unforgettable person of that meeting or that job interview.

Ninth:  A positive attitude and a smile speak by itself about your personality and convey a positive message to the people you interact through your day.

Tenth:  A smile a day keeps the doctors away.  The calendar has 365 days unless we have a  “leap” year, so WHY no start NOW and keep on SMILE .


See ya soon.



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Hi I'm Elba. Welcome to Positive Thought and Word For Life blog. I created with the attempt to convey a positive message, motivate and inspires others along the way. I belief, that if we focus our energy into positive forces; we will attract strong positive experiences to our life. Writing this blog is not a hobby, is an experience that help me to express myself. Expressing my feelings and emotions and share them with you. Thank you for stopping by; hoping you enjoy it.

2 responses to “A Smile “an action of love””

  1. Rohan 7 Things says :

    Great post, I agree with everything!

    I do try to smile to people in the street from time to time and I think it’s important to make an effort to smile around our loved ones. So often we take for granted the people close to us, and so we need to make an effort to show them that we are happy and love them with our smiles 🙂

    Thanks for sharing, big smile, all the best 🙂


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