Facing Fear

It is my belief that we ,the people, fears to venturing the unknown.  To avoid and try new things thinking that could bring us a level of discomfort into our comfort zone.

According with Jerry Seinfeld quote that replied as follows “According to most studies, people’s number one fear is PUBLIC SPEAKING. Number two is death. Does that sound right? This means to the average person, if you go to  funeral,  you ‘re better off in the casket that doing the eulogy” Jerry Seinfeld

From my point of view I agree with Jerry Seinfeld that public speaking or just speak in general in front of public is #1 fear on people, it doesn’t matter if you are a professional, artist, business person, homemaker, hairdresser, etc.

The fact is that many people fear and get panic when it come to speak in front of an audience or maybe just speaking in general.  For instance I don’t consider myself a professional public speaker, I just like to have confidence and be myself in front of people while I’m speaking.

The fear of speaking that I have  back on the day preventing me for doing things I always want it to do and go places I always wanted to go. I thought that I was going to be rejected if I was going somewhere by myself.  It was a terrible feeling, I used to get butterflies  on my stomach and got very anxious.  However doesn’t mean that I don’t still getting butterflies in my stomach, but, never again like before.

It was  while I was still working at my former aesthetical job that I learned about Toastmaster Organization, an International Public Speaking Organization.  One of the customers suggested me to take a course in public speaking.  At the moment I felt awkward then I asked the woman – why are you suggesting the idea?

Below is what she replied:

“Since  in other occasion we have discuss about you having fears to speak and further more you have mention that people so asked you -Where  do your accent come from?  Then for that reason I have suggested the idea”.

Again she thought it would be a great idea for me to take a public speaking course.  That they I went home and did my research and while searching on the internet I came across with a  Toastmaster club near by me. Immediately contact them and  within a week I made the first visit and then within couples a week I joined the club.

I’m glad I did, it has been one of my best decision that I have made in my life.  If I would it known before I would it  join long time ago, but it was never too late for my rewards.  The fear that I was going through affected my confidence and stop me from doing things that deep in myself I knew I could do.

Let me tell you something.

At that first experience I discovered that I was not the only one  living my fear. I proved myself wrong. That along make me feel good about it.  People from all kind of background, professional, business people, homemakers, and others. The fact that a lot of people were riding in the same boat with me, make me feel home at the first meeting. What a great experience!!!

Since I joined I have earned a Competent Leader Award and Competent Communicator Certification.

To make a long story short  my personal and professional life has got better as I gained confidence through  my experience, also, it has been priceless.  Not to mention the valuable new leadership skills that I have learned.

Also I have learned vocal qualities, to enhance my message,  and how to pay attention while I’m speaking.

Some of this vocal qualities include:  Attention to volume and clarity, expressing enough to create interest and to feel if  is pleasant to the audience.  Besides vocal qualities  is a great program to learn body posture, body language while delivering the message.  Sometimes we doesn’t realized all the movements we do with our hands and body, while we speak, and that along take away attention from our message.

As a result of all my reward I Am Grateful.

In conclusion the best way to destroy any fear, in my humble opinion is, doing and facing what you fear for.   Eventually you will see the change and realized that those fears it was all created in your mind. Besides that you will understand that behind our fears is always an opportunity to learn and a treasure to discover from ourselves.

Without a doubt that have been my experience with public speaking, as I continue speaking in front of the audience , I started to lose  up and feeling comfortable with myself, my voice and the best of all I conquered my fear.

What do you fear? 

Is never too late to conquer your fears and realized that behind those fears is your treasure.

See ya soon.


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