That Is Who I Will Be!


While browsing in Barnes and Nobles bookstore I bought this little book “Just Who Will You Be? by author Maria Shriver.

This is my story:

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After my workout at Lucille Roberts,the gym that I joined, I decided to go to the bookstore which is next door from the gym. I begin to browsed throughout the store and all the sudden I got attracted to the book mentioned above.  For the price of this book I can’t ask for a better wake-up call message and advice at one of the must need it moment in my life.

That day I was feeling kind of depress, even though I was pushing myself at the gym,  somehow  negative thoughts was bugging my mind, not a usual thing on me, because I have the tendency to be very positive must of the time.  So as the saying said “things happens for a reason” I found this little precious book with so empowering message.

So is a great message here!

English: First Lady Maria Shriver at the Women...

English: First Lady Maria Shriver at the Women’s Conference book signing. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In this inspirational book the author Maria Shriver message is: “that what you do in your life isn’t what matters, it’s who you are”.  Also this book message “appeal to anyone of any age looking for a meaningful life”.

The whole idea in this book really impact myself.

On the other hand  I was thinking and saying to myself “I grew up already”  so WHY do I need to read this book for?  That was my thought at that moment. But remember what I mention above “negative thought was bugging my mind that day” so anyway, I started to check the book so I can understand the concept of it.  Next, finally I bought the book.

As I started to read the book  I was feeling excited and grateful. My thoughts begin to change, I start  seeing beyond like I was finding meaning to my life. A very strange feeling but at the same time mega meaningful.

The message in the author speech, indeed the book, really impact myself.

I have learned or better say, that in some way, Is a belief that because we have grown up , not to say  seniors (55+) of age, that we are just done! So we can give up in ourselves and just retired.  Then goes to seniors centers to hang out for a while and at the  end of the day go home and collapse till next day arrive.

Let me be clear here, I’m not saying is something wrong with that, if that is what you want to do at 55+ seniors age when you grow older.  Go ahead and God Bless.

But for that reason I keep remind it myself “I’m not done yet, I can still do, I am alive, I’m breathing, I can move and think so is not too late for me to begin another career, to finish some incomplete projects or to pursue a new dream”.

That was my Life Turning Point when my decision to become an author arrived to my mind or maybe was deep within myself long time and I didn’t know. I always has like to write and I feel it in my heart. I always like to inspire and motivate others to do, to improve their life, to believe in their potential, so I decide that is exactly what I will like to write about it.

That was my decision and  wake up call from the reading of this book.  The message from this book has been an instrument that push me to discover my wish and to follow a new dream.

I realized that I would like to become an author, one, that inspire people and give them hope through my writing experience and words.  Something that will make their life better, something that really matters.

For me the idea to become an author or a professional writer is not mere the fact to make a living or about the  money, it will never be about fame, for me is just more about the wish to  leave a precious legacy behind me. To pass along my life lessons so it might help someone along and down the road while I’m in heaven.

I know I have to go back to school to polish my writing and learn the writer way and techniques, is a fact.  I know it has to be likable and marketable if I want to attract the target audience, I know is not an easy one. And also I know that I have to deal with positive and negative critic.  Without a doubt it will give me the opportunity to challenge myself, to create something from my ability and from my heart. Is precious.

Now you can understand how this book affected my life, so in the same way I would like to impact someone life along the way. That is my positive way of thinking.

In conclusion it is a great purpose, the purpose of my life.  Just the idea that I have inspire someone it will bring me back to life.

In other words I’M NOT DONE YET.  I will be an author.


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