A Year-Round “Sunscreen”

Why I believe in to apply (use) sunscreen a year round ? How could you benefit?


Sunscreen (Photo credit: Hacklock)

We all know to one point or  have heard about the benefit of sunscreen to the skin.  I been using sunscreens, for many years now, as my  daily basis body lotion and my skin moisturizer.   Sunscreen for me is more than just an all over moisturizer, is my priority skin care lotion and I use it a year-round.

There is no doubt all the benefits that sunscreen can add to your daily skin care regimen. For twenty years my trade was skin care. As an aesthetician I have worked with doctors, skin care centers, Beauty Days Spa and take care a private clientage.   Hey, this is not my résumé” here, Je, Je. So, I have experienced and seen results not only on me but with the former  clientage that I took care as well.

I have a good reason for this post and a great pleasure to share.  Well, as you know, bright, sunny and beautiful warm days are ahead.  Spring and summer bring us, a must waiting for, warmest days. I’m love in it.  This is the time that you see a lot of promotion on how to protect your skin from the sun and to wear sunscreen every time you expose yourself to outdoors activities.

Yes, it is my belief  to wear sunscreen to engage in any  outdoor activity, beach, park, gardening, sports activities, even to take your dog for a walk and so on.  In my opinion we should wear sunscreen a year round, is an all season skin care lotion.

Why? As follow I’m introducing you the benefit I have had from sunscreen, but,  First of all, I want to point out that this is my personal experienced and the results I have witness myself.


Sunscreen (Photo credit: Joe Shlabotnik)

A. To prevent premature aging and premature wrinkles.

B. To protect the skin from all kinds of weather, sun rays(prevent sunburn), windy, cloudy and cold winter days, and from indoor lights, indoor dust.

C. To add moisture and shine to my skin.

D. A lotion that can be wear day or night as the preference moisturizer.

E. To help soften the sun drying and dehydration  from my skin.

F.  To look good and show a beautiful young-looking  glowing skin as we grow up on age and get  mature.

G. I use sunscreen everyday since sunny or cloudy days can burn my skin as well.  Remember  is always the sunshine behind the clouds.

Note: Remember the skin need care from inside as well. The better you take care from inside out, the better your skin is going to show a real glow.

In addition I follow a very simple and fast to do daily home skin care program that I’m sharing below.

Daily Home Skin Care Regimen Program:

A. Drink plenty of water will keep my body inside-out hydrated.

B. Regular exercise to keep me in an ideal  body mind well-being  and a proper nutritional diet is a key reason to keep my body in great shape.

C. Every morning before going out, every night before going to bed I cleanse the skin (face) with a facial cleanser. Pat dry. 

D. Follow the facial cleanser and apply a toner lotion. Pat dry.

E. Every morning I apply sunscreen as my daily moisturizer either way going out or staying home.  My skin is never naked.

F. As an other skin care step I apply an eye cream at night, and wear an extra moisturizer layer in top of sunscreen especially during winter cold days.  Winter time it can be rough in our skin.

As you can see my home skin care program is simple and easy to follow.

Many people asked me What is the secret for me to have a young-looking glowing skin at my age?

In my opinion is not a such as any secret. Yes, I’m a mature woman and I have been proactive in  how to take care myself. But I also belief that lifestyle is key role in  our appearance. I believe that  to look and feel good at a mature age, you have to start as a young age taking good care of yourself.

Wear sunscreen.

Wear sunscreen. (Photo credit: Sorensiim)

Sunscreen on Julie

Sunscreen on Julie (Photo credit: camknows)

Here is the thing.  

In addition to all the care of my skin from many years I have a positive attitude most of the time.

As I mentioned above I follow a simple and fast skin care regimen home program.

Being kind, Do Good, Treat others as you like others to treat you is my life philosophy.

I love to read self-improvement and Personal Growth great books that improve and made myself a better person.

I search for Spiritually Growth, practice meditation and silence that fill up my spirit and renew my soul.

I love to smile and be Happy.

Oh, I never forget to wear SUNSCREEN at any kind of weather. 

Where is the secret? As I said before “is not such a secret” Love yourself and take care of yourself.

Note: By all means, before you start any skin care home program, consult with your skin care doctor (dermatologist) what best skin care home program work for you and the best sunscreen for you to use.

Thanks for reading.      Best of all.



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