“We can live without religion and meditation; but we cannot survive without human affection” Dalai Lama
The emotional connections with plants 010Flowers and green plants cannot  blossom without sunlight.

A human being cannot live a healthy and loving life without others affection.

Blackberry picture 067

Animals will not feel happy if is not receive love from owners.Atlantic city at 60 yrs b-day 050

“Self interest is the enemy of all true affection” Franklin D. Roosevelt

Are you an affectionate person?

We receive what we give.


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Hi I'm Elba. Welcome to Positive Thought and Word For Life blog. I created with the attempt to convey a positive message, motivate and inspires others along the way. I belief, that if we focus our energy into positive forces; we will attract strong positive experiences to our life. Writing this blog is not a hobby, is an experience that help me to express myself. Expressing my feelings and emotions and share them with you. Thank you for stopping by; hoping you enjoy it.

2 responses to “Daily Insight: HUMAN AFFECTION”

  1. Douglas Alp says :

    Sweet Elba! Thanks for your continued
    amazing positive life ❤

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