DSC03616Is being said that we can’t change others, that only we can change ourself.   I agree to an extend.


I am an eternal believer in change.  Change are a necessity. Yes is true that we can’t force others to make change. But!!!

What change can we make in our life that will motivate others to change?

What change can we make that will enhance others?

How can we affect our surrounding through our changes?

My point here is:

I truly believe that our changes can change others, ONLY, if they can visualize a POSITIVE change through them.

If we manifest our potential through positive changes, we can influence others.

Til’ next.


About Positive Thought - Positive Word - For Life

Hi I'm Elba. Welcome to my blog Positive Thought - Positive Word For Life. I created this blog with the attempt to convey a positive message, motivate and inspires others along the way. I have a belief, that if we focus our energy into positive forces; we will attract strong positive experiences to our life. Writing my post is not a hobby, is an experience that help me to express my feelings and emotions. Also it give me the opportunity to share them with you. Thank you for stop by. I hope you enjoy this blog.

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