Daily Insight: An Smile Effect

DSC03540“My husband and I were standing on a line at the supermarket to pay our groceries..  A nice looking woman in front of us turn and look at me, I smile to her. She was surprise with my smile.

Next she asked my husband if I was his wife. He reply “yes she is.” Immediately she said to him “you have a lovely wife is not often that a stranger smile to me, I appreciate her smile”.

I was surprise with her respond.  But in reality is the truth. Think about it.

How often we smile to a strange? 

As a result, the smile, open a door to started a conversation while bagging our groceries. She was very pleasant woman. She started taking about “how a smile is a beautiful thing – Also that a smile shows friendliness, sweetness characteristics from a person – she continue saying  that we (people) should smile more often one to another even though we were a stranger”.

I can agree with her.  As I have notice the  woman has a great personality and was an easy person to talk.  Very  polite and expressive person. It was a nice and sweet experienced.

I understand sometimes we smile to people and we don’t get any respond or maybe the person turn their face. It has happened to me!  But that don’t stop me to continue smile to a stranger.

A smile help us to start-up a new day with a positive mood.

A smile open doors to make new friends.Blackberry picture 027

For a Buddha to smile means a state of happiness.

Don’t let go a day of your life without a smile.

Don’t believe me.

Just try it.

Til’ next….


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