Daily Insight: How To Keep It Up…

Not funny! To keep it up is a hard job. It don’t matter what is involve it take “Three to Tango” to keep it up.

While watching the video “Thirty years of MAC” a thought came to my mind on “How to keep it up”. In the video we can learned how thirty years ago MAC was introduce and how today they celebrate their profound technology impact. How they did it? I believe their vision behind the technology and how far they has become it has been a great effect on HOW TO KEEP IT UP. I celebrate their victory. I love their products.

In the same way we can apply the same strategy with our daily life. We are holding in our hands the change form of our life. Ok, is a big different between our life and MAC. Is nothing to compare. But isn’t technology has to do a lot with our daily life. We constantly using technology tools to improve our life.

I have learned that to keep it up we have to have desire to meet  our higher purpose in life. That to set goals is not enough in keep it up. I believe that a  goal help us to continue our journey and  add an inspiration to move along with our vision.

Determination is another reason to keep it up. Sometime we live a life chasing, to find out at the end of the day, we haven’t fulfill even half of our purpose. WHY? Lack of determination.  We become weak in our intention and let negativity take over our mind.

Sharing help us to keep it up. If we care about people. Is we ask for help and help others. If we do and give without expecting nothing in return  a positive flow energy will come back to us. Eventually the universe take care of us. Always remember that we receive what we give.

In conclusion, what ever you want to become in life, is as simple as that, you must “to keep it up”. You must keep on going and most never quit. And if you ever fail be grateful that you have the wish to started, the determination to continue and to share with others. It didn’t work this time but it will work next time.  Don’t you ever lose the enthusiasm because at the end of the day, believe me, it’s not easy the road to become successful.

Just keep it up start all over again and enjoy the ride.

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Till next….


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