Cooler season skin care routine

As all we know a skin and body care routine is essential to keep us hydrated.  The intense cold weather of winter made our skin look flaky and  dehydrated  to the fact of severe climate changes.

Throughout  the years of  my former aesthetician career  I suggested my clients to follow a skin care home routine to help them to keep their skin hydrated  throughout the cooler season.cropped-dsc03468.jpg

As follow my skin care routine during cooler season, it help me, it can help you.

 Drink plenty of water:

Even though the cold weather might not get you thirsty as hot weather does, water is a necessity for our body.

Wear sunscreen

During winter is a need to protect our skin from the environment (sunlight, cold, wind) while spending time outdoor and keep going with our lifestyle.


While in the shower using an exfoliation gloves or body scrub, once a week,  help to remove dead skin cells from the surface layer of the skin. In addition help to show a healthy and glowing skin.

 Bath Oil:

My dermatologist always suggested  me to applied a bath oil after shower especially during cooler season. After you finished shower stay in tub, tap your body with your hand palm to remove water from it.  Apply two to three bath oil drops in your hand and rub your body till oil is absorbed. This process helps me keep my skin in an ideal moisture condition.

 Body lotion:

Find a gentle moisturizer for your type of skin and apply often as need it.

Eat healthy:Blackberry picture 053

I always include in my diet plenty of vegetables and fruits.

 Body massage:

Please don’t skip this one.  Improve circulation, work excellent for mind, body and soul.

 Wear extra clothes layer:

In cooler month I always wear an extra layer, outdoor, to protect my skin from the intense cold and wind conditions.

Keep your skin care routine during cooler month and keep your spirit up-lifting, SPRING, is around the corner.

Whats is your skin care routine? Do you follow a skin care routine? How is your winter?

Best of all.

Til’ next.


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