So!!! Honeymoon Is Over!!!

So is Saint Valentine Day!  The cozy day for the winter time has come again. The best business day for flower shops. The flower bouquet and chocolate candy time.  The time again to celebrate LOVE. Everything is happiness, is magic. Everyone wear the red color within their outfit.  A  color that represents LOVE and PASSION.001

Sooo!..Where all this details goes after Saint Valentine day is over. So the honeymoon is over!!!

How you keep it up? The eternal honeymoon? Is a hard work? Is a commitment? Is an effort? What else?

Lets face reality. What happens the next day of Saint Valentine? Everything gets back to normal.  Is honeymoon over?

As human we have the tendency to respond with high energy when we feel appreciated.  Everything is “good” and a good flow follows. But what happen when we feel depleted or unappreciated? We see all “wrongs” coming up. It that sound familiar? Sure it those….

Perhaps, that’s the real test in love. Hold on, don’t break it. Is more to come…

MERCY come to place. EFFORT and CERTAINTY come to a rescue. Don’t settle for the quick “fix”. Don’t give up!

How is it feel real love…

The real, pure, true LOVE is a commitment. As human we have two side positive and negative. The real love strive and commit to the “good” side, positive one.

What happen to the other side? We have to work it out. And then PATIENCE, TRUST, MERCY, PERSEVERANCE AND EFFORT come to a rescue to help us to deal with the negative side.

What to choose and keep the flame of love?  To stay connect to the good side or to complaint over and over from the bad side.

What is the real test in LOVE to keep it going? 

To love when everything is going perfect is the easy way to love.  To love when the tough get tougher is the hard way and the real test of love.

To keep in love and keep it going, commit and connect to the good side, even though the negative still there. So work it out….or… the honeymoon is over.


Best of all. Love is for ever.

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