Enough is Enough! Goodbye Snow!

Mother nature is unpredictable, but has been said that she is our nature designer. In another word she design our weather. But with her we never know what will be  her next creativity? All we can do is follow the weather pattern flow and deal with it.

Who hasn’t got hit with this brutal 2014 winter season?DSC03491

February the “love” St Valentine  and “President” month holidays celebration. It hasn’t been a cozy one for me this winter. Here in the north-east coast we have had a huge of a snow storm one after the other. I haven’t seen that many storms in earlier years.

A little rocky time goes around during this winter, especially in February month. My car front tires got damage from all the pole hole the accumulation and salt on the road. An area of the roof on my home crack causing damage to the ceiling in a bedroom and flooding the floor.  Accumulation of snow on the roof has been outrageous. Also a neighbor tree branch came down from the heaviness of the snow and cause damage to the garage roof.

What’s next!

In days of so, of the three storms in a sequence, the snow melt flooding the streets like river water into the ocean. I got soak and wet by  a car passing by and splashed me from head to toe. In general has been a tough time for this winter.

In the other side of the coin is being a great profit winter for the snow shovel business people.  Also for the business that sell snow products. As an old saying says “everything has two side of the coin” so for those that the season brought them good profit, yeah! good for them. So keep it going!!

So in a couple of more week at least in  our Gregorian calendar winter is coming into an end and  I’m  feeling  happy. My spirit is flowing out of my chest and I’m getting energized.  All this winter blues are coming to an end. I don’t know about you but winter especially January and February are two month that always cause me a little depression. Not that I ‘m in a depress mood, but, when the tough get tougher the winter blues hit me like a ball heating a baseball bat. Not a good feeling…

I can’t wait to see it, I can’t wait to feel it, I can’t wait to embrace it and the most of all to love it.  The sign is in the air. My favorite Cherry Blossom tree is showing a sign of new life. The beauty of  colors  emanate from the blooming trees and flowers letting me know that my darling SPRING is around the corner. Happiness 010

Welcome March and all your beauty with it.

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Til’ next


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