The Walking Bliss

Today has been a beautiful day in many ways. Sabbath, Rejoice, March 8.  It felt like the beginning of Spring.Yellow Tulip 003

Early in the morning,  an early bird,  my close friend and great neighbor came to touch down and chat for a while. It was a surprise an unexpected visit.  She has gone grocery shop and stop by just to hug and kiss me and show me how much she cares about me. That ‘s priceless love and friendship. Not too many out there these days. Counting the blessing.

Here we go!  Walk.

I am a walker, nothing to do with my friend, cause she is not a walker. Today has being the first day of this brutal winter that I wake up decide to go back on track. Walk!

As my days go I prepare myself.

The weather has being fantastic reaching  the 60 degrees. Which encouraged  and gave me mental and physical strength to go back on my outdoor fitness workout routine, during the seasons of, spring, summer and fall.  Unfortunately winter time has being  brutally cold this year and my outdoor workout  was completely shut.  Neither the least I was in  recovery of an arm elbow injured.

I like to walk in my neighborhood to look at people faces and smile. I like to walk to the train and bus stop. I love to walk in New York City and browse window shopping. When  I walk I feel the freedom within me, I feel  like a bird flying high. That is how much I  enjoy walking. For me walking means a lot if I can’t walk a day I feel guilty and if I don’t walk my body ask for.

I was born a walker, that’s the way I feel.  To walk is my bliss. I preferred  to walk fast than jog or alternating, I don’t do straight walk or jog.  Walking exercise has help me to keep my body weight on track. When I walk new and refreshing ideas come to my mind.  My mind fell uncluttered. Walking has help me to clear my mind when I m going through any chaos. It has help me to find solutions. I count my blessing walking days. Walk has help me to strength my muscle and physical body.

If you are reading this blog  you has been notice that I am talking about outdoor walking, not referring to walk in a treadmill. But still, if you like to walk as an exercise only, walking in the treadmill can do for you. But for me is more than an exercise it give my freedom. So I choose outdoors walking. Any kind of walking is good for your health and keep you in the move, which is physically extraordinary good.

Thank my Creator  for gave me this precious warm day. Sabbath, rejoice , March 8

Til’ my next walk.


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