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The Holiday Season, Chanukah, Christmas, New Year celebration.  Giving us the opportunity to rejoice, share, reconnect and to reflect. Wishing all a beautiful and happy holiday, no matter which one  you celebrate, is an opportunity that brings us happiness, and give us a reason to carry out a smile. Wishing you all to have a healthy […]


WHAT ARE YOU THANKFUL FOR?                IS A GREAT QUESTION.. THANKSGIVING IS AN SPECIAL DAY OF THE YEAR TO BE THANKFUL AND GRATEFUL. I don’t wait for Thanksgiving day to give thanks. I give thanks every morning when I wake up alive, breathing in good health and good mood. […]

Daily Insight: Purify Your Feelings

We are all limited. Don’t try to understand everything. Some things don’t have an understanding, they just are. Simply work on purify your feelings. Put attention to the small things, like dancing in the rain, smile to a stranger. Perhaps there is where the understanding are. There are always reason why things are the way […]

Daily Insight. Beauty of Friendship

The beauty of life is to create space for true and loving friendship. The beauty of loving friends is to create space for joy. The beauty of success is to create space to fulfill that friendship. Love is for ever. Til’ next:-)

The Walking Bliss

Today has been a beautiful day in many ways. Sabbath, Rejoice, March 8.  It felt like the beginning of Spring. Early in the morning,  an early bird,  my close friend and great neighbor came to touch down and chat for a while. It was a surprise an unexpected visit.  She has gone grocery shop and […]

Daily Insight: An Smile Effect

“My husband and I were standing on a line at the supermarket to pay our groceries..  A nice looking woman in front of us turn and look at me, I smile to her. She was surprise with my smile. Next she asked my husband if I was his wife. He reply “yes she is.” Immediately she […]