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The Holiday Season, Chanukah, Christmas, New Year celebration.  Giving us the opportunity to rejoice, share, reconnect and to reflect. Wishing all a beautiful and happy holiday, no matter which one  you celebrate, is an opportunity that brings us happiness, and give us a reason to carry out a smile. Wishing you all to have a healthy […]

Daily Insight. Beauty of Friendship

The beauty of life is to create space for true and loving friendship. The beauty of loving friends is to create space for joy. The beauty of success is to create space to fulfill that friendship. Love is for ever. Til’ next:-)

The Walking Bliss

Today has been a beautiful day in many ways. Sabbath, Rejoice, March 8.  It felt like the beginning of Spring. Early in the morning,  an early bird,  my close friend and great neighbor came to touch down and chat for a while. It was a surprise an unexpected visit.  She has gone grocery shop and […]

Daily Insight: BLESSING

NAMASTE WORLD: Nothing bring more harmony in my life that to know that everyday I have being bless. How can we connect with our blessings? To wake up everyday is just a blessing. To find only one thing everyday that we have being thankful for in our life. To look around and be thankful for what is […]