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Sayin’ Goodbye to Ski Season @ Hunter Mountain, NY and Ski Butternut, MA (Photo Essay)

Hello everyone.

This time I went to a ski resort Hunter Mountain. I am not a skier but I enjoy going with my husband and friends.

It was the end of ski season and my husband want to say goodbye to his favorite sports till the next winter. I admire the courage of this skier going up the mountain and come down in a flight of a second that take my breath away.

Honestly you have to love this sports, be strong and love to be in a cold environment.


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Unquestionably was a great ski season for my dear husband, John, and the ski fever bugging him again.  I am very happy that he went back to his favorites sport.  It was a difficult decision for him to make.  After so many years of being not practicing the sport due to his knee surgery. He realized that he can do it again and can’t wait for the next season to come.

After all he proved to himself that is always a second chance in life. In other word he is so grateful that  he went back  and bring his ski passion back.

I encouraged him to keep going and never give up on what brings happiness and joy in his life.  Determination is his decision to follow.

As Robin Sharma quote “Great performers are preparing and practicing for a winning day while everyone else is still asleep.”