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The Walking Bliss

Today has been a beautiful day in many ways. Sabbath, Rejoice, March 8.  It felt like the beginning of Spring. Early in the morning,  an early bird,  my close friend and great neighbor came to touch down and chat for a while. It was a surprise an unexpected visit.  She has gone grocery shop and […]

Daily Insight: How To Keep It Up…

Not funny! To keep it up is a hard job. It don’t matter what is involve it take “Three to Tango” to keep it up. While watching the video “Thirty years of MAC” a thought came to my mind on “How to keep it up”. In the video we can learned how thirty years ago […]


SUCCESS that’s the magic word. Everybody talks about becoming successful. Not impossible, is a big commitment to yourself. Don’t be average if you want to meet that magic word. If you want to become an extraordinary performer of what you do:  Everyday you have to visualize yourself becoming the best and work toward that goal. Look […]

That Is Who I Will Be!

WHO WILL YOU BE WHEN YOU GROW OLDER? While browsing in Barnes and Nobles bookstore I bought this little book “Just Who Will You Be? by author Maria Shriver. This is my story: After my workout at Lucille Roberts,the gym that I joined, I decided to go to the bookstore which is next door from the gym. […]

Sayin’ Goodbye to Ski Season @ Hunter Mountain, NY and Ski Butternut, MA (Photo Essay)

Unquestionably was a great ski season for my dear husband, John, and the ski fever bugging him again.  I am very happy that he went back to his favorites sport.  It was a difficult decision for him to make.  After so many years of being not practicing the sport due to his knee surgery. He realized […]

A Smile “an action of love”

“Every time you smile at someone; it is an action of love; a gift to that person; a beautiful thing” Mother Theresa In this busy  technological world that we are living these days, people have forgotten how to smile.  Have you? How many time you have a smile to a strange lately? Can you remember? […]