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Daily Insight: To live, To Love, To Care For This World!

What’s happening?

Around the world. cropped-dsc03625.jpg
Around us. DSC03721

Take a moment and turn your face to both side left and right?

Take another moment and turn your face to your front and to your back?

What do you see?

Now, feel what you see!

It may be an illusion, it could be pain, maybe is joy, misery or hate.

Whatever you see, make an effort to feel it in your skin…

How is it feel?

Please don’t judge for what you see.

Instead; try to understand whatever you see and feel by digging deep

inside that soul, of whatever you perceive.

Is all about consciousness!

We are the ones to live, to care and nourish this world with unconditional

love, peace,light and life. Atlantic city at 60 yrs b-day 042

See you next!

Daily Insight: Miracles happens if only you make it happens!

Is jealousy is what holding you back and pushing your button? Maybe you are feeling alone, angry, unhappy and all the feelings that brings the uncomforted  into your being, thinking that everybody has what you wish to have. Make no mistake! Simply! Switch it! Being grateful for what others posses bring us happiness. Instead of jealousy, […]

Daily Insight. Quiet Waters.

Anyone can speak louder than I speak. Anyone can show their “bravado” in front of me. I don’t hesitate. I know who I am? My approach is mentally peaceful not on “bravado” louder speaking. I am not looking for attention. In my approach I use my intelligent and credibility. Moving very gently is my quieter style. […]

Daily Insights: Affirmations to enrich your day experience

For a healthy mind, body and soul. Repeating throughout the day will help to manifest the best of your craft. YOU Everyday is an expression of love. I  am that I am a healthy person. I am in perfect state of mind loving myself. I ‘m in it, to win it. Everything in my life is […]

Reflections to enrich a new month.

What we do each month is largely decided by our willingness  and  want.  Each day give us the opportunity to plan a new beginning  that lead us to success or failure of either sagacious daily plan. We should begin each day of the month with certainty knowing that has being given to us to rejoice. […]


SUCCESS that’s the magic word. Everybody talks about becoming successful. Not impossible, is a big commitment to yourself. Don’t be average if you want to meet that magic word. If you want to become an extraordinary performer of what you do:  Everyday you have to visualize yourself becoming the best and work toward that goal. Look […]


NAMASTE WORLD “We can live without religion and meditation; but we cannot survive without human affection” Dalai Lama Flowers and green plants cannot  blossom without sunlight. A human being cannot live a healthy and loving life without others affection. Animals will not feel happy if is not receive love from owners. “Self interest is the […]

Daily Insight: BLESSING

NAMASTE WORLD: Nothing bring more harmony in my life that to know that everyday I have being bless. How can we connect with our blessings? To wake up everyday is just a blessing. To find only one thing everyday that we have being thankful for in our life. To look around and be thankful for what is […]

An Obstacle Occurrence! How do you face it!

In my opinion this road that we call LIFE it define on how we face our every day challenges HOW DO YOU FACE AN OBSTACLE?   The picture that you see below is not to show you how a first grade kid is learning to write. The reason I posted this picture is to show you how I am […]

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