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Daily Insights: Affirmations to enrich your day experience

For a healthy mind, body and soul. Repeating throughout the day will help to manifest the best of your craft. YOU Everyday is an expression of love. I  am that I am a healthy person. I am in perfect state of mind loving myself. I ‘m in it, to win it. Everything in my life is […]

Daily Insight: Everything in life has a season to sprout.

Sometime we care, nurture and planted seeds. Time passed and we don’t see the sprouted yet of that planted seed.  Not to worry, everything in life has a season to sprout. And after all, by the time come, we feel that it was worth a million the wait. Welcome the Spring 2014.  Time to renew, […]

Daily Insight: How To Keep It Up…

Not funny! To keep it up is a hard job. It don’t matter what is involve it take “Three to Tango” to keep it up. While watching the video “Thirty years of MAC” a thought came to my mind on “How to keep it up”. In the video we can learned how thirty years ago […]

Daily Insight: An Smile Effect

“My husband and I were standing on a line at the supermarket to pay our groceries..  A nice looking woman in front of us turn and look at me, I smile to her. She was surprise with my smile. Next she asked my husband if I was his wife. He reply “yes she is.” Immediately she […]


SUCCESS that’s the magic word. Everybody talks about becoming successful. Not impossible, is a big commitment to yourself. Don’t be average if you want to meet that magic word. If you want to become an extraordinary performer of what you do:  Everyday you have to visualize yourself becoming the best and work toward that goal. Look […]

Daily Insight: ENTHUSIASM

Namaste World: Do not let the lack of enthusiasm take away the right to live a fulfill life. Keep on going, there always will be roadblocks in your path! Have courage and go through! Yes, You Can.