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Daily Insight: Purify Your Feelings

We are all limited. Don’t try to understand everything. Some things don’t have an understanding, they just are. Simply work on purify your feelings. Put attention to the small things, like dancing in the rain, smile to a stranger. Perhaps there is where the understanding are. There are always reason why things are the way […]

Daily Insight. Beauty of Friendship

The beauty of life is to create space for true and loving friendship. The beauty of loving friends is to create space for joy. The beauty of success is to create space to fulfill that friendship. Love is for ever. Til’ next:-)


NAMASTE WORLD “We can live without religion and meditation; but we cannot survive without human affection” Dalai Lama Flowers and green plants cannot  blossom without sunlight. A human being cannot live a healthy and loving life without others affection. Animals will not feel happy if is not receive love from owners. “Self interest is the […]

A VIEW POINT “just sayin’

Since the time we born, we go through changes every day in our life.  Our physical body is in constantly change, as we grow older.  Our mind change as we choose  different  religious, political, professional, spiritual, etc.. path through our lives. Everyday we feel different from yesterday, because everyday is different from the other.   […]