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New York City Photo Essay

I am a New Yorker.  Every time that I have the opportunity and while around the city of New York, I enjoy taking pictures.

This time I am sharing some photos taking while ago. If you have never visit New York city  you will enjoy seeing this pictures.

I encourage everyone to visit New York City at least once. This city has a lot to offer, beautiful parks especially Central Park. A  lot of interesting museum to visit. A variety of uniques neighborhood full of different people and cultures. A Chinatown neighborhood you will feel that you are in real China country.  A Times Square and Broadway shows venue of all varieties plays and show to die for.

Welcome to the New York City.

Long Island City (Astoria)
Flushing Meadow ParkDSC03594

Time Square New York City.

Central Park New York City

Discover Central Park 041Discover Central Park 011

New York City Downtown neighborhood

Sun bathing at Central Park
Discover Central Park 027

Lake at Central ParkDiscover Central Park 037

Strawberry Field at Central Park

Discover Central Park 047

Flushing Meadow Park cropped-dsc03625.jpg

New York City Public Library


New York City Midtown neighborhoodDSC03717

The water Taxi cab 019

The Liberty