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WHAT ARE YOU THANKFUL FOR?                IS A GREAT QUESTION.. THANKSGIVING IS AN SPECIAL DAY OF THE YEAR TO BE THANKFUL AND GRATEFUL. I don’t wait for Thanksgiving day to give thanks. I give thanks every morning when I wake up alive, breathing in good health and good mood. […]

Daily Insight: How To Keep It Up…

Not funny! To keep it up is a hard job. It don’t matter what is involve it take “Three to Tango” to keep it up. While watching the video “Thirty years of MAC” a thought came to my mind on “How to keep it up”. In the video we can learned how thirty years ago […]

That Is Who I Will Be!

WHO WILL YOU BE WHEN YOU GROW OLDER? While browsing in Barnes and Nobles bookstore I bought this little book “Just Who Will You Be? by author Maria Shriver. This is my story: After my workout at Lucille Roberts,the gym that I joined, I decided to go to the bookstore which is next door from the gym. […]