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Daily Insight: Miracles happens if only you make it happens!

Is jealousy is what holding you back and pushing your button? Maybe you are feeling alone, angry, unhappy and all the feelings that brings the uncomforted  into your being, thinking that everybody has what you wish to have. Make no mistake! Simply! Switch it! Being grateful for what others posses bring us happiness. Instead of jealousy, […]

Daily Insight: Purify Your Feelings

We are all limited. Don’t try to understand everything. Some things don’t have an understanding, they just are. Simply work on purify your feelings. Put attention to the small things, like dancing in the rain, smile to a stranger. Perhaps there is where the understanding are. There are always reason why things are the way […]

Daily Insights: Affirmations to enrich your day experience

For a healthy mind, body and soul. Repeating throughout the day will help to manifest the best of your craft. YOU Everyday is an expression of love. I  am that I am a healthy person. I am in perfect state of mind loving myself. I ‘m in it, to win it. Everything in my life is […]

Reflections to enrich a new month.

What we do each month is largely decided by our willingness  and  want.  Each day give us the opportunity to plan a new beginning  that lead us to success or failure of either sagacious daily plan. We should begin each day of the month with certainty knowing that has being given to us to rejoice. […]

Daily Insight: MEDITATION

NAMASTE WORLD: Find a relaxing place, take a deep breath, closed your eyes and focus. Clear up your mind, body and soul. Unload negative thoughts. Connect with your heart loving feeling and emotions. Let them work for you  and your world will  be fill up with a sense of harmony and happiness.

Daily Insight: SOLITUDE

Namaste World: “I live in that solitude which is painful in youth, but delicious in the years of maturity” Albert Einstein Everyone need a solitude and silence moment. To reconnect, rejoice, purify our body, soul and mind. To take a break from our daily agenda and stimulate our creative mind.

Things I Do In My Solitude Weekend Bliss

I cherish my solitude  weekend bliss time while my husband away on his ski trip to Hunter Mountain, Catskill, New York. During this time I choose not to go out and just stay home and enjoy my silence retreat while being in my solitude  weekend bliss. Below is all the things I did during my […]