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Einsenhower Park At Long Island, New York (photo essay)

First time visiting this beautiful park.  Lets go an explore this beautiful memorial park.

Daily Insight: Everything in life has a season to sprout.

Sometime we care, nurture and planted seeds. Time passed and we don’t see the sprouted yet of that planted seed.  Not to worry, everything in life has a season to sprout. And after all, by the time come, we feel that it was worth a million the wait. Welcome the Spring 2014.  Time to renew, […]

Flushing Meadow Park Where the Fun Begin. (Photo Essay)

Hi. Join me in the ride at Flushing Meadow Corona Park in Queens, New York City. A park full of culture, a great place to visit and enjoy a lot of fun.  In this park was held The New York World’s Fair from 1964 thru 1965. A lot of sport like soccer, tennis, bike riding, […]

Welcome March *the light of spring rejoice my heart*

  Once again the spring returns and I welcome the season into my heart, my soul, body and spirit.  I transform every time the spring return with all the nature blessings and I just accept it them. “I want to do with you  what spring does with the cherry trees” Pablo Neruda “When one flower blooms […]