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The Holiday Season, Chanukah, Christmas, New Year celebration.  Giving us the opportunity to rejoice, share, reconnect and to reflect. Wishing all a beautiful and happy holiday, no matter which one  you celebrate, is an opportunity that brings us happiness, and give us a reason to carry out a smile. Wishing you all to have a healthy […]

Daily Insight: START 2014 WITH A CLEAN SLATE

As the year begin, so let’s start 2014 with a clean slate. There will be happy and sad moments, challenges to overcome and new goals to meet. So this is the moment to reflect. Is up to us. Our thoughts, words, actions and feelings of our daily living. That this year could be fulfilled. The choice […]

A NEW YEAR KEY TO WELL BEING ” my gift to you”

In this rainy-snow kind of winter-blue day weather, the perfect one to settle down for an inspirational writing moment.  Another Christmas has come and another year is about to closed a chapter in our life.  Making this the perfect time to reflect in everything we have done throughout the calendar year.   The time to […]