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Daily Insight: Miracles happens if only you make it happens!

Is jealousy is what holding you back and pushing your button? Maybe you are feeling alone, angry, unhappy and all the feelings that brings the uncomforted  into your being, thinking that everybody has what you wish to have. Make no mistake! Simply! Switch it! Being grateful for what others posses bring us happiness. Instead of jealousy, […]

Daily Insight. Quiet Waters.

Anyone can speak louder than I speak. Anyone can show their “bravado” in front of me. I don’t hesitate. I know who I am? My approach is mentally peaceful not on “bravado” louder speaking. I am not looking for attention. In my approach I use my intelligent and credibility. Moving very gently is my quieter style. […]

A VIEW POINT “just sayin’

Since the time we born, we go through changes every day in our life.  Our physical body is in constantly change, as we grow older.  Our mind change as we choose  different  religious, political, professional, spiritual, etc.. path through our lives. Everyday we feel different from yesterday, because everyday is different from the other.   […]