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Einsenhower Park At Long Island, New York (photo essay)

First time visiting this beautiful park.  Lets go an explore this beautiful memorial park.

Daily Insight: Everything in life has a season to sprout.

Sometime we care, nurture and planted seeds. Time passed and we don’t see the sprouted yet of that planted seed.  Not to worry, everything in life has a season to sprout. And after all, by the time come, we feel that it was worth a million the wait. Welcome the Spring 2014.  Time to renew, […]

Enough is Enough! Goodbye Snow!

Mother nature is unpredictable, but has been said that she is our nature designer. In another word she design our weather. But with her we never know what will be  her next creativity? All we can do is follow the weather pattern flow and deal with it. Who hasn’t got hit with this brutal 2014 winter […]

Welcome March *the light of spring rejoice my heart*

  Once again the spring returns and I welcome the season into my heart, my soul, body and spirit.  I transform every time the spring return with all the nature blessings and I just accept it them. “I want to do with you  what spring does with the cherry trees” Pablo Neruda “When one flower blooms […]