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Daily Insights: Affirmations to enrich your day experience

For a healthy mind, body and soul. Repeating throughout the day will help to manifest the best of your craft. YOU Everyday is an expression of love. I  am that I am a healthy person. I am in perfect state of mind loving myself. I ‘m in it, to win it. Everything in my life is […]


SUCCESS that’s the magic word. Everybody talks about becoming successful. Not impossible, is a big commitment to yourself. Don’t be average if you want to meet that magic word. If you want to become an extraordinary performer of what you do:  Everyday you have to visualize yourself becoming the best and work toward that goal. Look […]

Facing Fear

It is my belief that we ,the people, fears to venturing the unknown.  To avoid and try new things thinking that could bring us a level of discomfort into our comfort zone. According with Jerry Seinfeld quote that replied as follows “According to most studies, people’s number one fear is PUBLIC SPEAKING. Number two is […]