CENTRAL PARK ‘New York City lovin’

In this entry I want to share some views of my favorite park in New York City, the beauty and magic of CENTRAL PARK.CENTRAL PARK is enjoyable every season of the year, but summer time is the hottest season at CENTRAL PARK.

Visitors from everywhere in the world come to New York City and look forward to landing at CENTRAL PARK, they feel the energy, the stunning beauty and contagious magic.CENTRAL PARK is full of outdoors activities, bicyclist  rider, outdoors concerts, roller skate dancers, sunbathing green areas, joggers, walkers, runners, museum, The Children Zoo, the most popular carriages rides, varieties of artist entertaining visitors, just to mention few of them.I’m wordless when it comes to describe the beauty of this New York City jewel.  It’s up to you to figure out what place to get away on your next vacation, but if you are planning to visit New York, CENTRAL PARK it must be in your TO DO list.

Is feel like paradise, you’ll love it…The Lake, the Loeb Boathouse, the Bow Bridge is a very peaceful green area.The Sheep Meadow is one and most popular green area at the park for sun bathing, also enjoyable and peaceful.
People get tired of long walk, so they grab, the ped cab and continue their journey.Even to sit at the benches and enjoy company and conversation with a love one, is a precious moment that life has to offer at CENTRAL PARK.Not to mention the famous, colorful, carriages ride at the Columbus Circle and 59th street entrance of CENTRAL PARK WEST.I love outdoors activities and that offered is at CENTRAL PARK.

If you has visited, you have the experienced, if not, I encourage you whenever  around or visiting New York City, to experience the magic, stunning beauty, and contagious energy of CENTRAL PARK.

I hope you enjoy this precious view of one of the most outdoors beautiful point in New York City and thank you to take a moment to read and  view my blog.